The Alika Lyman Group 'Leis of Jazz, Volume 2' LP

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We're extremely happy to offer this LP in our shop! Alika Lyman is the great nephew of vibraphonist Arthur Lyman, who released an album in 1959 entitled Leis of Jazz. 

Limited 2015 pressing of Alika Lyman's Leis Of Jazz, Volume 2 (Dionysus Records). 

Leis of Jazz, Volume 2 is a solid jazz release stronger than most coming out of Hawaii in the 21st century. While Alika isn't looking to blow minds with deliciously innovative tracks that would push jazz music to new horizons, he opts instead to offer a laid back listening experience that transports you to an intimate jazz club on the dreamy shores of Hawaii.

It's an album fit for any listener looking for a well-crafted album to play start to finish without skipping tracks. Leis of Jazz, Volume 2 is a welcome addition to any music collection.