Imabari Hand Towel: “Wash Your Hands”

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These super soft cotton hand towels come from Imabari, Japan, where towels have been produced for more than 120 years.

With the world being asked to wash its hands more than ever, now is the time to consider the enormous amount of waste generated by one-time use paper towels. Especially in public restrooms, restaurants, and offices — paper towels are used once, then thrown away.

On an island, this habit is extremely unsustainable.

When you consider that a place like Hawaii ships countless palettes of paper towels produced on the mainland USA for the sake of drying our hands once — the logical conclusion is that, sustainably speaking, we can’t keep living this way.

If you agree (or, if you just really dig these towels 😎), please help us make a small difference in how we wash our hands.