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From These Shores — Various Artists (AGS-025)

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From These Shores is the otherworldly sound of softly psychedelic, cosmic folk and psych from Hawaii. Hazy, lazy, steeped in sunshine; these 13 tracks are gathered here thanks to Aloha Got Soul curators Roger Bong and Oliver Seguin. 

Spanning the 1960s throughout the 1980s, From These Shores offers curious finds from every corner of the Hawaiian Islands — from the North Shore of Oahu (Gordon Broad) to the streets of Honolulu (Burgess & Brooks), the spiritual escapes of Maui (Merrell Fankhauser) to the spirited efforts of Bahá'í musicians (East Of Midnight), the low-key lounges of Waikiki (Dennis Soares) to the disappearing beaches of Puna (Alice Wise). 

For the past three years, Bong and Seguin have sifted the sands of Hawaii’s rich musical past to lift these under-appreciated gems from obscurity, giving each song a chance to once again enjoy the slow burning warmth of the sun before drifting off towards the horizon. 

"If your heart is set on going for a day, listen to me, my friend and what I am gonna say. When you feel you need a change from a day's routine, head towards Puna side, I know you know just where I mean. The skies are blue, the ocean rushes through, where people ease their mind is where I'm taking you..."

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