Packo - Oneironauta (Vinyl LP)

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In Packo’s debut full length vinyl release, he sails the open seas into the subconscious realm with his spin on this trip hop and experimental electronic memoir. 

Oneironauta [oh-nahy-roh-naw-tuh], scores the stages of sleep with direct influence and freedom from recent lucid dream states. In a 10-part instrumental narrative, his other-worldly soundscapes takes the listener through a dimly lit transit inside the mind of the waking world.

Diving into the fall of sleep (“Descent”), to the fear and distortion of reality (“Disorient”), from the actual lucid awakening (“Aurora”), to physically awaking and retaining the experiences (“Memoriam”). While, Oneironautics refers to the ability to travel within a dream on a conscious level. Naturally, an Oneironaut is that traveler.